Ambassador House sets new standards when it comes to spatial efficiency – less space for the same number of workspaces. By optimising your office layout, you save space and enhance the quality of your working environment – and increase employee satisfaction. 

How does that work? CBRE looks forward to showing you more about New Ways of Working. The following table shows how activity-based office concepts can increase the efficient use of space.

Cell Structure (Benchmark)

19 – 30 sq m/workspace

Cell Structure (Ambassador House)

21 sq m/workspace
21 sq m/employee

Activity Based Working (Benchmark)

13 – 18 sq m/workspace

Activity Based Working (Ambassador House)

21 sq m/workspace
21 sq m/employee
With adjusted desk-share ratio.

Combined (Benchmark)

16 – 22 sq m/workspace

Combined (Ambassador House)

14 sq m/workspace
14 sq m/employee

Open Space (Benchmark)

No benchmark available.

Open Space (Ambassador House)

14 sq m/workspace
14 sq m/employee

Floors and floor plans

Floor plans of the individual floors.

Floor Space Layout
6th Floor 4'148 sq m
5th Floor 4'148 sq m
4th Floor 2'965 sq m
3rd Floor 4'128 sq m
2nd Floor 5'080 sq m
1st Floor 2'147 sq m
TOTAL 22'616 sq m

Layout examples of office concepts

Layout examples of the individual office concepts.




Shell approach: so yesterday! We make the spaces in Ambassador House available to you fully fitted out. User-specific add-on packages are available if required. The default fit-out is above-average standard. It includes the following:

  • Double floors in the office spaces
  • Fully fitted out general areas
  • Floor and wall coverings in cleaning and electrical rooms
  • Fully fitted out wet rooms per office unit
  • Heating: thermo-active building systems (TABS) in combination with cavity floor heating in the double-floor areas
  • Efficient area cooling by means of hybrid ceilings (whole-surface hybrid ceilings combined with hybrid ceiling modules)
  • Electrical and universal communication cabling throughout the offices
  • Basic lighting in the office corridor zones
  • Exterior blinds system (tenant-controlled)
  • Building automation system for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning
  • Modern access control system

Tailored add-on packages are available on very favourable terms. These include the following options:

  • Office dividers (gypsum and glass) including doors, wide choice of surfaces and individualised zone regulation



Spread across five lower-ground floors, the building benefits from 12,000 sq m of storage space. We would be glad to help you work out how much you need.

Floor Space Layout
1st Basement 3'434 sq m
2nd Basement 3'732 sq m
3rd Basement 1'325 sq m
4th Basement 1'326 sq m
5th Basement 1'359 sq m
TOTAL 11'176 sq m
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