New Ways of Working Activity Based Working

CBRE's New Ways of Working concept involves restructuring and reorganising work and the workplace. The result is a much more efficient and flexible high-performance workplace. Workplaces that can be quickly and productively adapted to changing conditions. The same applies to the activities involved: the idea is that employees engage in their work where it best suits them – Activity Based Working ABW.

ABW generates trust while promoting team spirit, innovation, productivity, self-optimisation and a sound corporate culture. It is particularly efficient when each organisation develops the right building and work concept to suit its needs and actively embraces this – taking ecological, economic and health-related aspects into account.

Let's work together wherever you are – CBRE supports you with its considerable expertise and pioneering spirit in the development and planning of your specific Activity Based Working concept.

The following table shows how Activity Based office concepts can be applied to increase space efficiency.

Cell structure (Benchmark) Cell structure (Ambassador House)
19 – 30 m2 /workplace 21 m2 /workplace
21 m2 /employee
Activity Based Working
Activity Based Working
(Ambassador House)
13 – 18 m2 /workplace 21 m2 /workplace
21 m2 /employee
with adapted desk share ratio.
Kombiniert (Benchmark) Kombiniert (Ambassador House)
16 – 22 m2 /workplace 14 m2 /workplace
14 m2 /employee
Open Space (Benchmark) Open Space (Ambassador House)

No benchmark available.

14 m2 /workplace
14 m2 /employee


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